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About 12 Month Loans Direct?
12MonthLoansDirect offers you the monetary aid when you are facing money crunches. We can give you a variety of loans services in the same day for urgencies.

12MonthLoansDirect provides you a quick and convenient online facility where you can easily avail our loans services and sort out your all financial crunches. You just need to fill up the ...


Before the end of the month your pocket is empty? Are you facing some money crisis? So donít worry, with the help of 12 month loan, you can easily avail some amount in your bank account..


Welcome to 12 Month loans Direct

Are you facing financial crunch in the middle of the month to meet your monetary urgencies? Worried about how to get finances and feeling helpless all the more as there is not money at your disposal? Do you feel powerless due to lack of money and have no knowledge how to avail loans to meet your requirements. 12 month no fees is a good option to avail in such situations as these easy to get loans no guarantor can make your life much easier as you can avail these loans exactly at the time when you need money the most. You can avail loans with utmost ease online as well as our 12 months loan lenders have made the process of sanctioning of the loans very convenient and user friendly for the applicants.

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Benefits of 12month loans direct :

No guarantor required : You can avail 12 month loan from 12monthloansdirect without any guarantor as we offer these loans to the borrowers on their personal credibility.

Flexible Repayment Options : You are provided the flexible repayment option to repay your loan amount within a period of 12 months with easy installment option. Meanwhile, you can use our 12month loans to meet your various financial urgencies and needs.

No Fees : We do not charge any hidden costs during the pendency of your 12months-loan amount. All standard charges will be told to you upfront so that you can avail 12 month loans no fees in a cost efficient manner.

No credit check : You can avail 12 months loan even if you have adverse credit history. Our 12 month lenders loans do not carry out credit check of the borrowers and approve their loan amount provided they are otherwise eligible to avail them.

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Hassle free process : Our 12 month lenders loans have made the process of applying for the loans very easy and convenient for the applicants. Now you can apply for loans with no fees and no guarantor by furnishing the required information in our easy to fill online application form. Your 12-months loan with no guarantor will be approved in the minimum possible time if you qualify the eligibility criteria.

Secured and unsecured loans : 12month loans are offered by 12monthloansdirect both in secured and unsecured forms. To avail secured loans, you will have to pledge a collateral while to avail unsecured loans, no collateral or security is required to be pledged.

Minimum Documentation : We do not ask for anything more than the essential documents to approve your 12month loans. These documents include your identity proof, age proof and earnings proof.

Avail funds up to £1,500 : You can avail loans with no guarantor for an amount of up to £1,500 depending upon your requirement and eligibility.

High approval : Our 12-month loan approval rate is impressively high. If you meet our basic eligibility criteria, your loan will be approved even if you have adverse credit rating or have no one to stand guarantee for you.

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12 month loan lender provides you all such services in a prompt manner. So what are you thinking for?